Beach Fails

Ahh, beach fails – my favourite thing. After all, what’s better than embarrassing yourself in front of hundreds of people? Water, rocks, seaweed – well, it’s a recipe for disaster! 

Right, so, walking out of the sea. In movies you see a flawless exit, a graceful stroll out the water. Real life? No. Just no. 

I, for one, am way more focused on not falling to think about elegantly flicking my hair. But what if you loose concentration for a second? And don’t notice the seaweed on the rocks in front of you? And then not so gracefully slip and fall. Well, same lol

Of course, you’re only going to make it worse if you try and make it look intentional or something. I mean, it was obviously an accident, so just laugh!
It happened to me in Summer 2016 it hurt not just my pride (pfft, what’s that) but physically injured me. The rock cut through my foot so now I have a lovely scar. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one to slip on that rock, I later watched many others do the exact same thing lol

What about sun beds? And don’t even get me started on the umbrellas by them! (Read  this to know why!)

Then there’s the not-so-fabulous walk in flip flops through the sand. You know the one: waffling around, attempting not to flick sand up and hence looking like a penguin. Flip flops and sand? Nope

What embarrassing things have happened to you at the beach? Let me know in the comments!
As this is posted, I’m either walking my DofE route or dying because I’ve walked too far, so make sure to leave as many comments as possible to cheer me up when I get home! That’s if I survive the walk and the camping and the next walk and ew.
~My LifeOnline 


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