Thoughts Flying Home

For some reason unknown to me, you guys seem to really love these thoughts posts so I’ve written you another! What even is it you like about these posts? You should totally comment below! Well, here you go:

Guess who worked out time differences? That’s right, me! For once I actually know what time it is!

Wait do I? We took off at 00:00 (Greece time), it’s a four hour flight but the U.K is two hours behind so we should land at 02:00 (U.K time)? Right?

No, air hostess, I don’t have any rubbish….we just got on the plane?

Yes, I’m in a bad mood, it’s midnight and I’m tired…what do you expect!?

Of course I have to have a child kicking my chair…typical

Okay I’m gonna close the window shutter, I do not want a repeat of the lightning storm incident!

Okay, scrap me knowing time zones, I don’t know what country I’m in- sorry, above – so how am I even meant to know the time!?

Why are the lights on? I want to sleep…its the middle of the night

Why is it so cold?

? At almost one in the morning? Think I’m gonna have to pass

“We appreciate you are tired” – Air Hostess, 2016.

Yes, I am tired so can you not wake me to ask if I want food?

Okay ignore all of the above, I’m hungry now.

Oh so now I’m hungry there’s no food? Thanks for that

I need sleep oh my god

If I eat these sweets will I become hyper?

I’m practically asleep and I have my headphones in yet you still try to talk to me?(Go read this to get that reference!)

Yay for me being confident and not wearing makeup

So happy I didn’t wear makeup (Another related post here)

So many thoughts, so little time – I can’t write them all down

I’m literally picking my phone up every few seconds to write down these thoughts….it’s one AM. The things I do for you guys haha

*proceeds to fall asleep with phone in hand*

Well hello! This is future me editing a post I wrote like a week ago…oops? [Lol okay just thought I’d mention here that this post was actually written like last year] I actually didn’t write any more thoughts down because…well, because I was asleep! 

Woah, how cool would it be if you could write things whilst you were asleep!? I mean- actually, it doesn’t matter…that’s beside the point – Moving On!

Thanks for reading! If you got this far, you are awesome! Let me know if you read to the end by commenting below!


Airplane 1 ~ click here

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~ My LifeOnline 


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