Manchester Terror Attack

This post is going to be a mess. I’m a mess, you’re probably a mess, the world’s a mess. 
I feel sick. Heartbroken. Physically sick. Children younger than me. People my age. 

I can’t muster words. I was meant to be going to Manchester in few days to see a concert at Manchester arena. I saw one woman on the news say she wished the attack had been on that concert so those killed would probably be older. I just wish the attack hadn’t happened at all. If  those attacks had been a few days later it wouldn’t have been strangers affected, but instead myself and people I know. 

I’m frustrated that I can’t get my words straight. I have so many words and I have a platform to share them on, yet I can’t string these individual words together in a powerful enough way.

We’ve all seen the photos. The videos. Heard the stories. I’m not going to go into detail on individual stories, they’re all heartbreaking, but some are particularly gruesome and I don’t want those of you who haven’t stumbled across them to be haunted.

Innocent lives. Innocent. Children. Targeted. Those poor kids. Poor Ariana. She didn’t deserve this either. None of them did. Buy her song on iTunes, if needs to get to the top for 22 weeks.

No one really knows how to help. My friends and I have spent so long crying – sharing stories we’ve heard and breaking our hearts more. It’s 23:45 as I write this. I don’t know what I’m saying anymore, I can barely see the screen through my tears.
It hits home how these are people my age. It was in the sort of place we go to have fun. The exact place I was going to go to in a few days.

[Don’t read the next two paragraphs if slightly more violent descriptions upset you]

I hurt. My heart hurts. My head hurts. The nails from the bomb were imbedded in people’s skin. It’s sick. They’re sick. 22 are dead. 

The things these people have witnessed. Dead bodies. Blood. Half an exploded person. Real people. Real feelings. Real blood.
[Continue reading here] 

I don’t even want to continue writing this. I don’t want to poison your mind with the images that have been haunting most of us for days. I hope you’re all safe. Oh god, please all be safe.

Safety. What even is that when the terror threat is critical. Another attack is ‘imminent‘. 

Love. Hope. Families. Broken. Bodies. Blood. Death. Destruction. Terror.


41 thoughts on “Manchester Terror Attack

  1. Sending all my love to ManchesterπŸ˜”it is truly heartbreaking. I couldn’t imagine if it had been your concert, because like you said the victims are strangers but I know you now): crazy to think about. I will say that the one love concert was freakin amazing and I got so inspired by how many singers contributed. It’s nice to know that we all come together in times of need.

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  2. It breaks me into pieces at how many innocent lives were lost and it makes me so incredibly sad. I feel physically sick and I’m angry as well as terrified when I think about it. What must the victims, the families of the victims and the people affected be going through? When it’s close to home, it’s really really scary and real. My heart just breaks

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    1. It’s truly horrendous – I’ve honestly ran out of adjectives to descriptive how tragic and sickening it is. The fact that all these young and innocent people have had to go through such an awful event that will scar them for life, well, it’s heart breaking πŸ’”

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  3. I don’t think anyone knows how to put it into words πŸ’” in the same as you concerts are were I spend most of my time so this really hit home it could have been friends I know through concerts πŸ’” the world is gone crazy most people are afraid to go places in case anything happens it shouldn’t be that way πŸ˜” hope your doing a bit better after it.

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  4. My heart goes out to all who have been affected by horrific attack. I agree with you this shouldn’t have happened. I don’t care how old you are or where you come from these things are horrible. I have no words to express the amount of sadness I feel for all those who are suffering in the aftermath.

    I think that you did just fine putting the words together. Know that you’re not alone. It’s ok to be afraid. Take some time to cry, or scream, or do wherever you need to get it out. Then pick yourself back up and help others do the same. We need to keep strong and work together.

    We all are living fear of another attack. As an American I grew up fairly sheltered form fear of an attack on US soil until 9/11 but it was during that time that I learned how important it is to do what we can to support and love one another. So I send my love and support to you and the world.

    I hope these words help you in even some little way.

    With love and support,

    ~A fellow human trying to do their part to keep faith alive~

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    1. It’s so awful, my broken heart truly goes out to all of those people affected.
      Thank you, it was difficult to write – and you too, feel free to scream and cry, do whatever helps you in any event of tragedy ❀

      ❀ ❀ ❀


  5. I think you strung the words together perfectly! I know what you mean though, I can barely even begin to get my thoughts straight about this whole thing; it’s devastating. I was heartbroken when I heard the news… πŸ’”πŸ˜ž

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  6. I’m so heart broken and sad for the attack. So many young lives died. They were about my age even younger. They had their whole life ahead of them. It’s just so hurting that a person can do this to another person. It’s just so inhuman; this world is so cruel.

    I pray their soul may rest in peace and Ariana is ok.

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    1. It’s so awful. These people are our age and could so easily have been us. I would have been going to a concert in Manchester Arena just tomorrow, and they so easily could have targeted that concert instead. It truly hits home. Especially as it’s somewhere that should be fun and carefree. I feel so so bad for Ariana, she has to live with the guilt (though it wasn’t her fault) that it was her fans coming to see her who were killed.

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      1. They never had a bit of idea that something like this would happen. They just went there to have fun and enjoy a concert of their idol (or Ariana’s fans)and they just Lose their life. It’s horrible. And I’m really happy that you are okay. Anything can happen at any moment!

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          1. Yeah…Me too….for those it was their first concert had probably thought it’s their best day of their life and….sigh….as you said the feelings, it can’t be described in words…The world is so damn dangerous and unsafe!

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  7. I can’t stop thinking about this, it’s been constantly on my mind since I heard about it. My heart is broken for the innocent lives lost, all of those affected and for my country. I don’t know how anybody could do anything like this! Really torn apart

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    1. My mind has just been filled with it since I heard the news. Everyone there was so young, and the fact that so many of them were my age truly hits home. During the minutes silence I had to will myself not to cry, my heart is truly broken.


  8. Couldn’t have put it better myself, I read every word and I could feel the emotion coming through the screen. It hurts, and it’s so so scary that this is what the world has come to. Is anywhere safe? It really feels like we are not safe anywhere. Teens can’t be teens, children can’t be children…this attack has hit home for me the most, I hate this.

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    1. Thank you, I’ve really struggled putting words in order as there’s been so much raw emotion I wanted to spill on that page. I was also aware I needed to keep it clean, if I hadn’t I would have spoke of all the truly gruesome events in a lot more detail.
      I don’t believe anyone feels truly safe anymore, they tell us just to continue as normal, but how many more attacks will we have to ‘continue as normal’ for?

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      1. Exactly. It’s gotten to the point where we can’t just continue as normal. As there’s more and more attacks, we’re always gonna have that doubt, that worry creeping in. And if, or even when as horrible as that is to type, these attacks continue our fear will continue growing. Does that mean they would have won?

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        1. The closer to us it becomes, the more we fear. Which in a way, it’s what they want. To drive fear into everyone and make them scared. I don’t fear for my own safety, but for our country in general, even for our world. They will never be able to win, not as long as people know it’s wrong and needs to stop

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  9. I’m so sad to hear about the attack, and it just gets harder each day as more and more details are released. I’m an avid concert goer myself, and it makes me sick to my stomach thinking about the fear of not only the individuals directly injured/killed, but the victims who were there and survived. Like you mentioned, the horrific scenery absolutely cannot be easy for anyone to live with. My heart aches for everyone involved. Stay safe!

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    1. The more and more stories we hear, the harder it gets. The fact that these concert goers had to witness so much blood, death and destruction sickens me. Everyone there was so young, yet they have to live the rest of their lives with the image of the scene.

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