Thoughts Writing An Essay

Essays – Aren’t they just the best! (Please note that sarcasm and realise my true hatred for writing essays…) 

Unfortunately, I have several left to write so, to make it slightly more bearable, I thought I’d write my thoughts down as I go! Well, I better get started….

Right, essay – hello, hi *reads what essay is about* nope, okay, see you never and bye

Nope. Nope nope nope NOPE

Why. Are. Essays. A. Thing.

I mean, I could write this but at the same time, now this is just a suggestion, but at the same time, you know,  I could be sleeping? No! Concentrate!

*Mindlessly sings* [EDIT- I was probably singing one of these songs]

Wait, what was I doing? Oh, essay, right

I mean, I could maybe read a few blog posts first? No! Seriously, if I do this now, I actually can enjoy the holidays

Just kidding, I have like 10 essays to write, plus a literal age of revision

*Sigh* I really need to get started….
*Starts Essay*

How long before I scream and give up?

Seriously though, I’ve been set way too much work to do…

I have such a bad headache and homework is not helping! I haven’t even had breakfast yet!
Okay, seeing as I’m on holiday, after I do some work I’m going to go down to my favourite little cafe and get breakfast
Okay, one essay (and a half) done! Revision time…

Nope nope nope I give up, I’m not doing it okay bye

*Skip to after breakfast*

Wow…when I said I wasn’t going to do it, well, I didn’t mean it? But apparently, I did, the revision is still incomplete…

To be fair, I have been productive, I’ve just sent a bunch of important emails!

Ughhhhh, okay I’m gonna be productive now and revise.

~My LifeOnline 


23 thoughts on “Thoughts Writing An Essay

  1. Man, I do not miss having to write essays XD
    I did find it easier writing from the middle though. I would start a few points and then expand from there. Then at the end I would write a conclusion. And from the conclusion, I went backwards and I wrote my intro XD
    It made essay writing easier for me at least!

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  2. You’re already at 600 followers. YAYAYAYAYAY!!!

    Also, I don’t why I get good scores on essays (not trying to brag sorry m8). I literally stay up all night because I stupidly chose to procrastinate due to me being too busy binge watching shows on Netflix. I honestly hate myself the most when I procrastinate lolololol

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  3. You are LITERALLY my blogging hero like OMFGGG YOU’re GROWING SO FAST! But anyway, this is completely me when writing an essay. GOOD ON YA for having motivation to do it NOT on the day before it’s due! I picked 4 A-Level subjects and ALL of them are essay subjects. Why?!!

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