That Time I Made A Fool Of Myself

Once upon a time, there was an ordinary girl walking along a foreign street. Little did she know, a huge surprise was waiting around the corner, ready to cross her path…quite literally.

A rat. There was a rat running across the road, straight towards her. Her brother points it out and she is left with two options: do what everyone else is doing, simply staying calm, maybe pointing and staring…or she could freak out. You’ll never guess which one her subconscious chose? That’s right, the latter option.

In a spur of the moment unchoreographed dance sort of action, she hops from one foot to another in an attempt to get away from the rat which is, in her mind, aiming at her.

The rat, later named Peter Pettigrew, soon ran away, probably more scared of her than she was of it. 

At the end of the day, whilst sharing stories with her family of her day, she is unable to stop laughing about it. After all, she did manage to entertain the crowd of people around her during the incident, it’s only fair she’s able to amuse herself and her family. 

That girl? Well, that girl was me.

~My LifeOnline 


41 thoughts on “That Time I Made A Fool Of Myself

  1. Oh my,now i know that im not the only person who names all the rats i see as Peter Pettigrew and all the birds i see as Hedwig.I also call every blondes I see as Malfoy and instead of calling round glasses as nerdy glasses,I call it Harry Pottah glasses. #lifeofapotterhead

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  2. Lmao this reminds me of when I asked someone in school if they saw a rat (my friends and I call each other rats so ye) and he was so shook he was like “a RaT wHeRe?” I mean, I wasn’t lying. There was a rat (aka my friend) scurrying around the school.

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