Inspiration // What’s happening with my blog

Inspiration: brilliant when you have it; not so brilliant when you don’t.

I, as of writing this post, am going through a huge lack of ideas. Sure, I have a milliondrafts on  the go, but those take time and seeing as i’m currently on holiday, I haven’t had the time to finish them. As you all probably know by now, many of my recent posts are reuploads, though most are unrecognisable because they’ve been rewritten. Are you guys okay with this? I know to most of you, these posts are the same as any new ones so hopefully it’s all enjoyable content! Leave me your opinion in the comments!

Right, inspiration – or more, the lack of it! That is, after all, the theme of this post. When it comes to posts, I have two states of mind – I either have a ridiculous amount of ideas and too little time to get them down or I have no ideas at all and waste time thinking aimlessly, there is no in between. 

With the latter of these two stages, I often find I will eventually come to one or two possibilities and start writing instantly, ideas will soon form as I progress. That unfortunately doesn’t mean I have a handful of post ideas, just that I receive inspiration for the piece I am writing at that exact moment. Once it’s finished, I’m back to square one, pondering over nothing for anything between a few minutes to a few days.


Well…its been a while since I started this post and, you guessed it, I ran out of inspiration whilst writing it…ironic. Well I’ve had some inspiration I guess, I’ve written other posts and uploaded some, I just never got around to finishing this! So I guess now’s as good a time as any to end it – thank you for reading!

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28 thoughts on “Inspiration // What’s happening with my blog

  1. Feel ya my dude, I have like 14 drafts and only around three or four are done. The rest are unfinished and I just don’t want to write them anymore. If I do, it’ll feel like I didn’t give enough time to polish it and try to address what point I want to make or I actually get around to doing that (chances are small though). I’ve been trying to write more and so I just use my planner to write down all my stuff, I also have a page called the “wall of ideas” where I just put all my ideas down if I’m in a rut.

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  2. I totally understand. As of lately, I have been feeling like I can’t produce anything for my blog. No matter how hard I try, nothing works. I have stuff written in the note section of my phone, but I am waiting for the words to finish. It is extremely frustrating because I am still trying to build my followers, but my lack of consistency is hurting me.

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  3. I go through the same thing inspiration wise, don’t fret! Before my exams I literally wrote 2 months worth of posts because I just had so many ideas wizzing around. This week I am literally writing them as I go which is really unlike me! It is just the ebb and flow of creativity! It also depends where you are investing your time, energy and creativity in each moment so it makes total sense! I love the reuploads xxx

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  4. My ideas always come to me at weird times, like at school or on the bus so I always keep something with me to write it down. Plus I look through Instagram to try and find some inspiration. Hope some ideas come to you soon!

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  5. I have a little planner where I list a whole bunch of ideas! Most are from Pinterest, some I borrow from other bloggers (But I always make sure to credit them!), some just come to me, and I immediately write them down. It is hard though, writer’s block is annoying at times :/

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  6. I keep notes on my phone, but sometimes I have to wait for inspiration to strike, and it’s tough worrying on Saturday that I’ll have nothing for Sunday. Luckily, something weird always manages to happen!

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  7. Your blog is literally the best thing haha I love that you are being yourself and just writing about anything that goes through your mind that’s amazing xx And btw I’m on your blog posts marathon right now and I’m really enjoying it so far haha 🙂

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  8. I keep an editorial calendar where I plan out my blog posts, and I also keep a list with it of any blog post ideas! Try looking some ideas up on Pinterest, that’s where I’ve gotten a lot of mine and whenever I have free time I always try to write my posts in advance so I can get them scheduled out and not have to worry about it. I’ve had a lot of free time this week so I have all of my posts for the next 2 weeks scheduled out!

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    1. I love that idea! I tend to write post ideas down in a notepad or on sticky notes but then I usually forget what I wanted to write in the post so simply discard the idea. However, your calendar idea sounds like a good one, I might have to steal it!
      Ooh, I’ve never thought of looking at pinterest for ideas, I’m going to try that one too!
      And I tend to write my posts in advance as well haha, I’ve always got a couple almost finished drafts just waiting to have a feature image set and then they’re ready! Also, well done! I’m really busy for the next week but whenever I have a spare moment I’m going to use it in a productive way and write!

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      1. Yes all my free time goes towards getting posts written so that way later down the line if something important comes up that’s one less thing I have to worry about at that moment!

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