Going Crazy (A Short Story)

Walking into her dining room, she stops in the doorway. What exactly was she here for? Raising an eyebrow, she laughes it off, and walks away shaking her head.

Stepping into a new room this time, her bedroom, she sits at her desk with her laptop open and notices an almost empty draft in front of her. What exactly was she writing? Raising both eyebrows, she allows her head to fall into her hands, the way she herself fell onto the chair, and a sigh of defeat to escape her lips.

Venturing to a third room, the kitchen this time, she opens up a cupboard, before slowly shutting it again. What exactly was she planning on getting? 

Finally, giving up, she heads outside, and collapses down on a sunbed. Sitting up suddenly, it all comes back to her. She was in her dining room to get her phone from the table, then she was going to write a German essay before grabbing a cereal bar from the kitchen. 

This, she reminds herself, is what a sleep deprived brain does to her. Never again will she function on a mere hour of sleep. Of course, by the time another late evening has arrived she’ll likely have forgotten that vow, and will instead have to watch the small hours of the morning grow ever larger once more.

~My LifeOnline 


25 thoughts on “Going Crazy (A Short Story)

  1. HI to you “My Life On Line”. We are glad you found us so we could find you! I don’t know how you found us because we are newbies in this arena of blogging and having a website. It will be fun discovering more of you in hopes of growing!

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  2. I learn German too! Well I did for 3 years but I just dropped it to do Russian instead. In my school we don’t get a choice of languages and we’re just randomly given two to learn for three years until we choose our GCSE options. I really wanted to learn French (took it for 3 years in primary school) or Spanish but oh well. Oh and this post was really interesting to read- great job! 🙂

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  3. I’ve just started learning German! Sort of…I’m teaching myself with one of those phone apps. lol..I’m miserable at it. French too..tried that one last year. You’d think eventually I would give up trying and accept that my brain can only comprehend English, but I can’t stop being hopeful that one day I’ll just wake up and be awesome, and actually be able to learn another language with ease!…Anyway…love your blog! Very relatable.

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    1. Aha Ive taken German for 3 years and French for slightly longer. Even though I had an awful teacher for the second year (to the point we practically had to learn everything again in our third year) I still find German easier than French. That said, I struggle with it and am not looking forward to upcoming German exams! Plus my friends all take French so they can’t help me study haha
      Thank you so much btw! 🙂


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