Group Chats

Making plans in a group chat: an impossible task. Seriously, don’t try it! I’m not even joking when I say that it never goes smoothly, ever. I’ve been in countless attempts to make a group plan and, even if there were only around 6 of us, it doesn’t amount to anything!

Well, I say that, but it may be a slight exaggeration…I do often make successful plans in a group chat. I’ve only just found this post again, but I started writing it about a month back, just after cancelling a failed plan, so apparently I was slightly bitter. 

However, since then my friends and I, well, let’s say our planning skills have vastly improved and now we can even manage to coordinate a way for us all to leave home at separate times, get on the bus at different places and still manage to be on the same bus as one another! We managed to plan for us all to go ice skating so it was definitely worth it!

Still, making plans in a group chat is a huge ordeal! For one, finding a date everyone is free is extremely complicated, especially at this time of the year…I have two words for that, exam stress.

Also, deciding who, if you’re going somewhere that needs to be pre-booked, actually books it – enough said. And that only gets harder when someone has to pre-pay for everyone then sort out money afterwards. 

God, then there’s restaurants that don’t let everyone pay separately, they’re the worst. The other day I went to a restaurant with 6 other people and the guy serving us would not let us pay separately, only making everything 5 times harder for everyone! Plus the meal was an expensive one so it was a lot of money to try and organise and let’s just say, most of us failed! Luckily for me, I had the exact change I needed so didn’t have to deal with the stress that is maths and money! That said, as I actually understand maths, even if I hate it, so I still had to help the others…

In the end, however, it’s all worth it! An enjoyable day out with a group of people is definitely worth the aggravation and stress the planning causes, even if it doesn’t feel like it will be when people are trying to plan it!!

To any of you currently part of a group chat, planning an event: I wish you a good luck and remember, it’ll be worth it! Have fun!!

~My LifeOnline 


29 thoughts on “Group Chats

  1. My friends and I are literally the worst at this, especially because we all work on different schedules (e.g. 9-5/6 til close/night shift).
    Plus we all think we’re way too funny for any conversation to be serious.. Have you tried to make a FB poll in messenger?
    “Where to go for dinner?” “Valid option, valid option, Uranus, Greece, Somewhere Baby FREE” – Nightmare, totally worth it – when a plan is FINALLY decided, anyway.

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  2. Oh man, even now these are hard to organize. My work tried to organize a christmas party for everyone last year in December on a saturday. But we literally couldn’t find a date that everyone could make it. Then we tried moving it to after work, but same problem. Basically we ended up doing it in February XD It was very fun though, its just hilarious trying to get 10 people to agree to a date,

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  3. planning in group chats is always a mess! whenever my friends and i make plans, there’s always someone who can’t make it. haha, it’s interesting how not being able to pay separately is an issue in other countries, because over here, there’s always that one person who insists on paying for the entire table and everyone else usually fights them for it haha

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    1. I totally agree! There’s always that one person lol and they completely mess up the plans!

      What country are you in? There are probably some people in the UK, where I live, who do that. I know that among my friends, as we’re just teenagers, we all pay for our own meal as we can’t necessarily afford to pay for everyone lol


      1. i’m from qatar! yeah, same here, we’re all just teens but i guess it’s been ingrained in us haha. that said, my tight knit group of friends and i always split the bill just because we’re not as pressured by social courtesies haha

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        1. Woahhhhh, it’s weird to think that people all around the world are reading my blog! But I totally het what you’re saying, and my friends and I do pay for each other for a lot of things, just not in an expensive restaurant


  4. It’s simple.
    For Example: A few days back one of my friends said “Hey let’s have a night out”. We didn’t think much about anything else coz we had promised we wouldn’t do that. So after an hour I found myself on a train at 12am.
    And it was awesome…..

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  5. I understand completely where you’re coming from. It’s certainly tasking trying to coordinate everyone, especially if everyone starts chatting and it all becomes a jumble of opinions. There is only one thing worse when bulk paying as a group… trying to work out a region’s currency as well. Organising outings in foreign countries is certainly a challenge… 😊

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  6. I have experienced exactly what you are talking about. My coworkers all took me out for my last day on the job and the waiter refused to split the bill. Almost as nonsensical as that is when cashiers don’t give back change! Haha! Can you imagine if we just didn’t pay the change when we bought something? Rounded down?

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