17 Things To Do In ’17

17 things to do in ’17:

-Learn To Rollerskate ♡

-Hit A Milestone On A Social Media ♡

-Go Rockclimbing 

-Join A Fitness Class ♡

-Go Ice-Skating ♡

-Go On A Road-Trip ♡

-Go To A Big City

-Go To A Concert

-Find Love (Either with a person or an activity)

-Say Yes More! ♡

-Enter A Competition (And Win!) ♡

-Get A Job You Love

-Go To A Masquerade Ball

-Go On Holiday With Friends

-Go Stargazing

-Watch A Sunrise

-Complete this list and be happy!
(ALSO ~ I’m returning to this list throughout the year to tick things off, so if you see the little heart by it, I’ve done it!)
~My LifeOnline 


43 thoughts on “17 Things To Do In ’17

  1. Hey! This was a great selection of things to do this year, I’ll be sure to do some! Also I have started writing my own blog if you’d like to check it out and I was hoping we could be friends or so, but I’m loving your blog! xx

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