Music and Fangirling

ED SHEERAN IS A LITERAL GOD. Okay, glad we cleared that up. But seriously, his music is an actual blessing to the ears.

Not only is there his entire (not so new) album, but all his music is amazing??? I mean, I’m one of those people who know every lyric to every one of his songs, and when his last album was released, I’d memorised it all in around two days. I was so dedicated to it that I got up at 5am the day it was released so that I could hear it all before I went to school. Yes, I’m a fangirl, what’s new?

Who else do I extensively fan girl over? 5SOS. They revealed earlier this year that ALBUM THREE IS BEING RECORDED. (Edit: It’s already recorded lol) They also hinted that the album would, in fact, be released THIS YEAR! And hopefully, with this new album, there will be a UK tour and I can finally see them!
Next up, dodie! Though it’s not officially been announced m, we all know that EP number 2 is being released soon! Plus I’m convinced that all of my favourites of her original songs will be on there, including 6/10!

Onto TakeThat, when I previously wrote a music and fangirling post, I was crazy excited to be going to see them in concert at the Manchester Arena. It would of been my third TakeThat concert, however, with the Manchester Terror Attack taking place a couple days before the concert, it was rightfully cancelled. I did, however, go and see Take That in cinema, as I couldn’t go to the postponed version of the Manchester Concert as I had two exams the next day, one at 9am, and knew that I wouldn’t get home until 5am.
In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a huge music fan girl lol. I’m looking for some new music, so comment your favourite song(s) down below so I can check them out! Thank you!
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