Food Puns

It’s Monday Punday so here’s some puns:

Cheese Puns:

Them: That’s grate, I love cheese

Me: Grate? I can’t brielieve you made a pun

Me: This is Gouda, these puns are just going to get cheddar and cheddar. 

Me: Don’t like them? Guess it’s nacho lucky day

Me: Yes, I will be forever provolone if I continue like this.

Them: Omg these are so good

Me: Unbrielievable, someone actually liked a pun. Only natural, they are so Edam clever (that was cheesy, I know)

Pancake Puns:

Me: Puncake day just créped on by

Them: It was a flipping good day but who gives a toss

Egg Puns:

Them: Only yoking

Me: Oh God, not egg puns, they don’t crack me up

Me: Egg puns scramble my brain

Them: Don’t milk it

Me: How eggquisite, not eggstravagant or eggaggerated at all

Them: Don’t eggsicute me

Me: I’ll leave and listen to some egg Sheeran

Them: How eggdgy 

Me: Eggstremely eggstatic to be making eggceptional and eggraordinary eggstravagant egg puns.

Me: They’re all very eggsplosive and eggciting

Me: I’m eggzausted

Me: Don’t fry and poach and of my yokes.

Me: That’s my last whisky pun

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How To Be Basic

Isn’t everyone ‘basic’ in some sense? I mean, there’s usually thousands of people who enjoy something so I guess almost everything is classed as ‘basic’ these days! Feel free to comment below any of these you relate too! Well, here’s a random list of some things I’ve done which many other people do also:

•Wear leggings

•Wear skinny jeans

•Wear sweaters

•Breath (Sorry, I had to – everyone does it. God, how basic of you for even daring to breath. Smh, such a trend follower)

•Eat avacado (or guacamole because it is AMAZING!)

•Pizza. No explanation needed.

•Go to the gym (or do something fitness related)

•Order drinks at Starbucks

•Own ugg boots (or fake ugg boots because they’re just as good and a lot cheaper)

•Inspirational quotes. If you know, you know.

•Astrology: This doesn’t have to mean the zodiac horoscopes nonsense, it can just be to do with constellations and whatever. I can personally identify many constellations and name many stars just because I really like space.


•Have a cute little tattoo (temporary or not)

•Use words like literally or ugh – or just abbreviate words

•Pumpkin spice anything but only in autumn

•Obsessed with pastel, copper and marble, fairy lights, etc

•You show these obsessions through home decor (aka my entire room is filled with copper, marble and fairy lights)

•Have and wear chokers

•Have and wear rings (bonus if you also wear midi-rings)

•Watching reality TV and soap operas

•Obsessed with a series

•Have and use Spotify

•Obsessed with Ed Sheeran.

•Obsessed with a band (for me it’s 5SOS)

•Call yourself a mermaid

•Love frozen yogurt (ahhh, my obsession that I can barely have because no where sells it near me)

•Obsessed with Harry Potter

•Use mason jars

•Watch sunsets, love the beach, etc

•Own an iPhone

Even though there are so many more ‘basic’ things, I’m going to leave it there! Which of these things have you done? Comment below!

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I broke up with him…

I haven’t mentioned this at all on my blog because honestly, I’ve been lucky to be pretty much unaffected by it. Even as this post goes up, it’ll probably be a month or two after this happened (yay for prewritting!) but I thought I’d just, well, have a chat with you guys!

I was dating this lovely guy. Honestly, he’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met [EDIT: Coming back to this post over a month later, I have since the time of writing realised that maybe he’s not such a nice person but that’s understandable, I did break up with him after all] 

and even as I was breaking up with him he was still talking about what an amazing person I was. Let me repeat that: I was breaking up with him and he was still stopping me from putting myself down and telling me I was amazing and beautiful and whatever.

I didn’t really have much of a reason to why I broke up with him other than the fact he came into my life at a time I was under a lot of pressure and wasn’t in the right mindset to have a relationship. Nethertheless, I dated him but knew the whole time that I wasn’t truly as into this relationship as he was and it felt too unfair on him to stay like that. I didn’t want a relationship whatsoever and sometimes you just have to put yourself first because staying with him would have been the worst thing I could of done for eitherof us.

He told me he loved me. I told him I couldn’t say it back. That’s one thing I will always feel so bad about but I knew I couldn’t just lie and say I loved him when I knew I didn’t.

Of course, the whole “we’ll stay friends” thing was said but in the back of my mind, even as I said those cliche words, I knew that no matter how much I would miss our friendship I had to practically break contact with him. [Edit: I have spoke to him since, but we used to be really good friends and met up outside of school which we no longer do] God, that sounds so harsh but I had to do it – if I kept spending so much time with him he’d never have the opportunity to get over the relationship. I wasn’t in the same predicament because I didn’t have anything to ‘get over’.
[EDIT: In the end, it didn’t really work out because we now just don’t talk. However, my previous ex and myself are now good friends again, to the point I was one of the first people he invited to his house party the other week and we brought each other birthday presents so maybe it will all work out in the end!]

So I let him be. From what I hear from his friends, he’s not upset anymore but does miss me. 

The idea that someone was and may still be in love with me is so surreal, it’s something I’ve definitely not got my head around and I doubt I ever will.

Have you guys been through anything similar to this? Make sure to leave your stories in the comments!

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I believe men and women should be equal, after all, we’re all human and god-damn it! Why is this still an issue? You guys, it’s the 21st century! There been way to much fighting, way to many people working their butts off for equality, for it not to exist yet! 
“Oh but it does,” I hear people say, “Men and women are complete and utterly equal.” Is that so? Well, does the gender pay gap ring any bells?

And no, not just women are affected by sexism – men are expected to be a certain way as well. Paying on the first date, being strong and carrying others bags -just some of the things expected from many men in our society….exactly the reason I don’t understand why more men aren’t fighting for equality!

There should be no gender roles or stereotypes because we’re all human. When will that message sink in!? We’re all human and underneath it all, no matter your race, religion, gender, preferences, anything, we’re all the same! So stop trying to change people, stop shoving your prejudice and expectations on individuals you’ve never even met, and start trying to fix the society we live in! After all, society and stereotypes are the only reason I’m even having this rant right now.

I support feminism because it’s campaigning to make women equal to men not to make them superior. The feminists I know and support are the ones who don’t want women to be higher ranking but instead for them to have equal rights to men!

I also support gay rights because if someone loves someone the same gender as them, what’s wrong with that! 

I support people who are transgender because if you aren’t comfortable with the gender you are, you have every right to change it. 

I support people who are bisexual, questioning, gender fluid, etc.

 I support people and I shouldn’t have to explain myself.

And yes, I’m straight myself, but that doesn’t mean I can’t support gay rights. I support animal rights too and I’m a human.

What I don’t support, however, is people’s hate. I don’t support violence, terrorism, attacks, murders, rape, domestic violence, etc because what on earth gives you the right to take right from someone else.

Equality is something everyone should strive for. As I said earlier, we’re all human: man, woman, man and woman, it doesn’t matter. We’re all human so I believe we should start treating each other with more respect and care.

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Random Thoughts

Three posts completely finished, twenty something to go. Actually, that’s a point, I should probably double check how many days are in April so I actually know how many posts I need to write! [EDIT: I was tired when I wrote this, don’t judge]

Eek, this is a daunting process. As I (pre)write this post, I have exactly two weeks to write thirty posts. How I’m going to do that I have no idea.

Actually, I don’t have to have them all prewritten. I could say do the first ten or so and then keep writing every day so that I end up with thirty over a longer space of time. That said, I’d much rather write at least twenty of them in March to get them edited and make the thumbnails so as to not fail my goal of posting daily.

Oh god, what have I set myself up for! Yes, I have lots of random drafts but they’re often not much use because I’ve moved on from that idea of don’t have the inspiration to write it anymore.

That right there is why I need to stop half wrong posts. Half written posts usually end up trashed and I am fully aware of that – I have no idea why I still do it.

Of course, then there’s editing which takes ages. Many of my posts are written in the rush of an idea or late at night so there are many mistakes which I attempt to eliminate (though I always miss a couple accidentally).

Thumbnails! Yet another time consuming part of a post! Because I’m trying to keep my blog nicely presented, every one of my posts has a thumbnail each using the same style and filter. This is time consuming to say the very least.

I’ve completely finished seven of the thirty posts but I’ve just remembered I also need to get more posts up this month…oops? 
Looks like I’m going to be writing even more than I thought.

Posting in March was probably scarce huh? I don’t know yet seeing as it’s still March as I write this.

Woah, that’s creepy, it’s like my time travel conspiracy theory all over again (read my ‘Thoughts On An Airplane’ series to understand what exactly I’m referring to)

So. Tired.

Must. Write.

Oh sugar, I’m going out early tomorrow morning…oh well, I guess I’ll just have to pretend I’m not tired?

If I just tell myself when I wake up that I’m not tired, do you think I just, I don’t know, won’t be tired? I’ll try it and get back to you [EDIT: I forgot to do that but I wasn’t even tired when I woke up! In fact, I woke up before my alarm!]

*Skip to day two of writing*

Thirteen of thirty posts are done!

 I’m running out of ideas. I think I’ll be able to get to like seventeen before I completely run out.

I was wrong, I’ve written eighteen posts.

I also have two more half written posts but those two can’t actually go up for a while so they don’t count

*Skip to third day of writing*

Well, one of these posts just took me all day (hint, it’s baking related!) but I’m 20 posts down!

I also posted one of the many drafts I now have yesterday and I have 2 more posts that are very close to being done! Look at me being productive!

I’m probably going to end these thoughts here but I’m feeling pretty proud of myself! 20 fully finished posts in under 3 days? 
That’s an achievement!

How much do you guys write (whether blogging related or not)? Comment below!

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800 Followers Reaction

My aim this year is to get to at least 1000 followers; 800 is crazy close to that aim! In all honesty, I could say the whole ‘I never expected this’ but even though I genuinely didn’t think I’d even reach 100 followers, it’s wayyy too cliche.


800, huh? Guess I probably won’t get my head around that for a while and it’s already been a few days since it happened. I mean, I still keep writing 700 on the follower count at the end of each of my posts!


Since I’ve got this new ‘recent commenters’ shoutout feature on my blog (it basically gives a shoutout to the 5 most recent commenters), I think you guys should totally comment your aim for this year! Whether it’s a blogging aim, a resolution, something on your bucket list – comment anything you want to achieve!
I don’t want to make this post too long or gushy so I’m limiting myself to one sentence that’s a clichè. Here we go:

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for following because it genuinely means the world and I love you guys so so much.
Clichès aside, you guys are awesome, keep being you! (Especially if that you involves commenting on my posts!)
Thank you again and remember to look out for some very exciting news that’s coming up very soon!! A follow is always appreciated, let’s see if we can get to 900!! (I’ll follow you back!)

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