Sleep Deprived Thoughts

Just a quick note before I start: I set up a new feature on my blog showcasing recent commenters! That’s basically a shout out for those of you who take the time to comment, a small way of me giving back! That said, make sure to comment! Now onto the post:

Woah, who’d have thought I would do a thoughts post? It’s been so long (I think)! No long intro today, let’s get straight into it:

I could sleep but like, ugh, that means I gotta get out of bed so that I can get back into bed….that made no sense. What I mean is I’d have to get up, put on my pyjamas, take off my makeup, etc…actually, never mind, I’m not wearing makeup. Wait, I still have to cleanse and moisturise. I’d have to get up and ew, no thank you, bye.

I’m up, I’m up, I’m up, I’m up, I’m sat back down, whoops?

Accio duvet! Wait, why is my duvet even on the floor? Oh right, I kicked it off me to motivate myself to get up…

I’m hungry

Do you think anyone would notice if I went and got food right now?

I don’t want to wake anyone up…still, food

Okay, update, I have food. I went to go get some crisps and came back with two oranges because it’s healthier. Why two? Well, I wanted to juggle and it would be rude to steal a third.

Well, I just wasted a load of time meticulously peeling the oranges only to eat the inside part (what’s that even called, segments?) in like a minute.

Update 2.0: No idea why I keep saying oranges, pretty sure I just ate two tangerines?

I think the bulb just blew in my lamp…yay. Oh well, I’ll unplug the lamp and sort it in the morning. (EDIT: It’s been like two weeks since I wrote this and, guess what, the bulb still replaced) (NEW UPDATE: The second bulb has gone and it’s literally been months since the first one blew. I still haven’t replaced them.)

It’s so dark and I thought I lost my phone so I used my phone torch to try and find my phone and do you see my problem?

Also, needed to find my glasses so obviously I needed to use my glasses to find my glasses and do you see my problem once again?

Just a random thought here (EDIT: Aren’t they all random thoughts?) Ed Sheeran is awesome

Ed Sheeran’s new album and new songs are amazing. And his old songs are amazing. And he is amazing. Just Ed Sheeran. Wow. (You should read my song post lol I’m such a pro-blogger look at this self promo)

I have many more sleep deprived moments and hence there are many more thoughts I could share, keep an eye out, this could even become its own mini-series if you like it enough

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Going Crazy (A Short Story)

Walking into her dining room, she stops in the doorway. What exactly was she here for? Raising an eyebrow, she laughes it off, and walks away shaking her head.

Stepping into a new room this time, her bedroom, she sits at her desk with her laptop open and notices an almost empty draft in front of her. What exactly was she writing? Raising both eyebrows, she allows her head to fall into her hands, the way she herself fell onto the chair, and a sigh of defeat to escape her lips.

Venturing to a third room, the kitchen this time, she opens up a cupboard, before slowly shutting it again. What exactly was she planning on getting? 

Finally, giving up, she heads outside, and collapses down on a sunbed. Sitting up suddenly, it all comes back to her. She was in her dining room to get her phone from the table, then she was going to write a German essay before grabbing a cereal bar from the kitchen. 

This, she reminds herself, is what a sleep deprived brain does to her. Never again will she function on a mere hour of sleep. Of course, by the time another late evening has arrived she’ll likely have forgotten that vow, and will instead have to watch the small hours of the morning grow ever larger once more.

~My LifeOnline 

Inspiration // What’s happening with my blog

Inspiration: brilliant when you have it; not so brilliant when you don’t.

I, as of writing this post, am going through a huge lack of ideas. Sure, I have a milliondrafts on  the go, but those take time and seeing as i’m currently on holiday, I haven’t had the time to finish them. As you all probably know by now, many of my recent posts are reuploads, though most are unrecognisable because they’ve been rewritten. Are you guys okay with this? I know to most of you, these posts are the same as any new ones so hopefully it’s all enjoyable content! Leave me your opinion in the comments!

Right, inspiration – or more, the lack of it! That is, after all, the theme of this post. When it comes to posts, I have two states of mind – I either have a ridiculous amount of ideas and too little time to get them down or I have no ideas at all and waste time thinking aimlessly, there is no in between. 

With the latter of these two stages, I often find I will eventually come to one or two possibilities and start writing instantly, ideas will soon form as I progress. That unfortunately doesn’t mean I have a handful of post ideas, just that I receive inspiration for the piece I am writing at that exact moment. Once it’s finished, I’m back to square one, pondering over nothing for anything between a few minutes to a few days.


Well…its been a while since I started this post and, you guessed it, I ran out of inspiration whilst writing it…ironic. Well I’ve had some inspiration I guess, I’ve written other posts and uploaded some, I just never got around to finishing this! So I guess now’s as good a time as any to end it – thank you for reading!

~My LifeOnline 

100 Amazing Songs

Here we go, a list of 100 amazing songs I completely recommend you listen to! I may or may not also know every lyric to every song on here…whoops? Oh well, I’m going to get straight into it so here we go:
(Also, comment below your favourite songs/artists so I can have a listen to them!!) 

1. “Sick Of Losing Soulmates” ~ dodie

2. “Eraser” ~ Ed Sheeran

3. “Disconnected” ~ 5SOS

4. “When” ~ dodie

5. “Friends” ~ Ed Sheeran

6. “Good Girls” ~ 5SOS

7. “A Non Love Song” ~ dodie

8. “Drunk” ~ Ed Sheeran

9. “Safety Pin” ~ 5SOS

10. “6/10” ~ dodie

11. “A Team” ~ Ed Sheeran

12. “San Francisco” ~ 5SOS

13. “Absolutely Smitten” ~ dodie

14. “New Man” ~ Ed Sheeran

15. “Don’t Stop” ~ 5SOS

16. “You” ~ dodie

17. “I See Fire” ~ Ed Sheeran

18. “Long Way Home” ~ 5SOS

19. “Would You Be So Kind” ~ dodie

20. “Photograph” ~ Ed Sheeran 

21. “Life Lesson” ~ dodie

22. “English Love Affair” ~ 5SOS

23. “Bloodstream” ~ Ed Sheeran

24. “Intertwined” ~ dodie

25. “Heartbreak Girl” ~ 5SOS

26. “Galway Girl” ~ Ed Sheeran

27. “My Face” ~ dodie

28. “End Up Here” ~ 5SOS

29. “What Do I Know” ~ Ed Sheeran

30. “Tourist” ~ Jon Cozart

31. “Voodoo Doll” ~ 5SOS

32. “Hearts Don’t Break Around Here” ~ Ed Sheeran

33. “Dream” ~ Tessa Violet

34. “Don’t Stop” ~ 5SOS

35. “Nancy Mulligan” ~ Ed Sheeran

36. “You Belong With Me” ~ Taylor Swift

37. “Safety Pin” ~ 5SOS

38. “Nothing Without You” ~ Emma Blackery 

39. “22” ~ Taylor Swift

40. “Waste The Night” ~ 5SOS

41. “How Would You Feel” ~ Ed Sheeran

42. “We Are Never Getting Back Together” ~ Taylor Swift

43. “She’s Kinda Hot” ~ 5SOS

44. “Blank Space” ~ Taylor Swift

45. “Outer Space” ~ 5SOS

46. “I Knew You Were Trouble” ~ Taylor Swift

47. “Castaway” ~ 5SOS

48. “Style” ~ Taylor Swift

49. “Broken Home” ~ 5SOS

50. “Out Of The Woods” ~ Taylor Swift

51. “The Girl Who Cried Wolf” ~ 5SOS

52. “Everything Has Changed” ~ Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran 

53. “Fly Away” ~ 5SOS

54. “Hands To Myself” ~ Selena Gomez

55. “Vapour” ~ 5SOS

56. “Kill ’em With Kindness” ~ Selena Gomez

57. “Invisible” ~ 5SOS

58. “Dive” ~ Ed Sheeran

59. “Airplanes” ~ 5SOS

60. “Happier” ~ Ed Sheeran

61. “Cool For The Summer” ~ Demi Lovato

62. “Sweater Weather (Cover)” ~ Alexi Blue

63. “A Love Song/ A Non Love Song” ~ Jon Cozart and Dodie Clark

64. “Lost Boy” ~ Ruth B

65. “City Of Stars (Cover)” ~ Jon Cozart and Dodie Clark

66. “Counting Stars” ~ One Republic 

67. “Castle On The Hill” ~ Ed Sheeran

68. “Say You Won’t Let Go” ~ James Arthur

69. “Shape Of You” ~ Ed Sheeran

70. “Heart Attack” ~ Demi Lovato

71. “Titanium (Cover)” ~ Boyce Avenue

72. “A Thousand Years” ~ Christina Perry

73. “Payphone (Cover)” ~ Boyce Avenue

74. “Let Her Go” ~ Passenger

75. “Exs And Ohs” ~ Elle King

76. “How Would You Feel” ~ Ed Sheeran

77. “Delilah” ~ Tom Jones

78. “I’m A Mess” ~ Ed Sheeran

79. “Gives You Hell” ~ All American Rejects

80. “Ms Invisible” ~ Olivia Solo

81. “Oh Cecilia” ~ The Vamps

82. “Save Myself” ~ Ed Sheeran

83. “Jealous” ~ Labyrinth

84. “See Through Me” ~ Keara Graves

85. “A Thousand Years” ~ Christina Perri

86. “Broken By You” ~ Share Harte feat. Keara Graves

87. “I Know What You Did Last Summer” ~ Shawn Mendez 

88. “Monsters” ~ Timeflies

89. “Call Me Maybe” ~ Carly Rae Jepsen

90. “No” ~ Meghan Trainor

91. “I Really Like You” ~ Carly Rae Jepsen

92. “Still Falling For You” ~ Ellie Goulding

93. “Rockabye” ~ Clean Bandit

94. “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” ~  Zayn feat. Taylor Swift

95. “Sucks To Be You” ~ Emma Blackery

96. “Panic Chord” ~ Gabrielle Aplin

97. “Pompeii” ~ Bastille

98. “Lego House” ~ Ed Sheeran

99. “Closer” ~ The Chainsmokers

100. “English Rose” ~ Ed Sheeran
In case you couldn’t tell, I really love dodie, Ed Sheeran, and 5SOS…and you know what? I didn’t even include all my favourite songs of theirs!
If you got this far, remember to comment your favourite songs/artists!!

[Also, I apologise if any song is repeated!] 

~My LifeOnline

That Time I Made A Fool Of Myself

Once upon a time, there was an ordinary girl walking along a foreign street. Little did she know, a huge surprise was waiting around the corner, ready to cross her path…quite literally.

A rat. There was a rat running across the road, straight towards her. Her brother points it out and she is left with two options: do what everyone else is doing, simply staying calm, maybe pointing and staring…or she could freak out. You’ll never guess which one her subconscious chose? That’s right, the latter option.

In a spur of the moment unchoreographed dance sort of action, she hops from one foot to another in an attempt to get away from the rat which is, in her mind, aiming at her.

The rat, later named Peter Pettigrew, soon ran away, probably more scared of her than she was of it. 

At the end of the day, whilst sharing stories with her family of her day, she is unable to stop laughing about it. After all, she did manage to entertain the crowd of people around her during the incident, it’s only fair she’s able to amuse herself and her family. 

That girl? Well, that girl was me.

~My LifeOnline 

Thoughts Writing An Essay

Essays – Aren’t they just the best! (Please note that sarcasm and realise my true hatred for writing essays…) 

Unfortunately, I have several left to write so, to make it slightly more bearable, I thought I’d write my thoughts down as I go! Well, I better get started….

Right, essay – hello, hi *reads what essay is about* nope, okay, see you never and bye

Nope. Nope nope nope NOPE

Why. Are. Essays. A. Thing.

I mean, I could write this but at the same time, now this is just a suggestion, but at the same time, you know,  I could be sleeping? No! Concentrate!

*Mindlessly sings* [EDIT- I was probably singing one of these songs]

Wait, what was I doing? Oh, essay, right

I mean, I could maybe read a few blog posts first? No! Seriously, if I do this now, I actually can enjoy the holidays

Just kidding, I have like 10 essays to write, plus a literal age of revision

*Sigh* I really need to get started….
*Starts Essay*

How long before I scream and give up?

Seriously though, I’ve been set way too much work to do…

I have such a bad headache and homework is not helping! I haven’t even had breakfast yet!
Okay, seeing as I’m on holiday, after I do some work I’m going to go down to my favourite little cafe and get breakfast
Okay, one essay (and a half) done! Revision time…

Nope nope nope I give up, I’m not doing it okay bye

*Skip to after breakfast*

Wow…when I said I wasn’t going to do it, well, I didn’t mean it? But apparently, I did, the revision is still incomplete…

To be fair, I have been productive, I’ve just sent a bunch of important emails!

Ughhhhh, okay I’m gonna be productive now and revise.

~My LifeOnline 

I tried to write something

Whispers. Always around her, following constantly as if firmly attached by a string. Making her way to the top of the stairs, the whispers suddenly stopped as those standing below caught sight of her. Everyone was silent, watching and waiting, waiting and watching. Yet no one knew who she was. Hidden behind her mask, she could be anyone. A picture of elegance and grace, she swiftly made her way down the steps provoking a cloak of whispers to cling to her once more.

 “Who is that?” they muttered, watching with a hint of jealously as she slipped out of sight. Finally out of the crowds, she could relax. Knowing she was unable to remove her mask until midnight, she felt safe. She could finally enjoy herself without the usual feeling of constant anxiety crushing her. Contentment flowed through her veins, only pausing to remind her that, though no one would be able to recognise her, she wouldn’t know who she was dancing with. Shaking her head slightly, a small giggle left her lips. She was being silly; this was the whole point of a masquerade ball! It was finally time she let herself be free; gave herself some time to be happy in a world brimming with worry and panic.

Taking a deep breath, she stepped into the ballroom. The brilliant sight ahead met her eyes and a small gasp escaped her lips as she took one more step forward in an attempt to take it all in. Illuminating the entire grand hall, a stunning crystal chandelier hung artistically from the ceiling, creating an air of sophistication and splendour. To the left of the auditorium, an incredibly detailed ice sculpture sat, watching happily as those in its sight twirled and waltzed around in joy.

Peeling her eyes away from the ice, she  was suddenly aware of a large crowd, all with their eyes on her. “This was a bad idea” she cursed silently, wishing she could just disappear into the ground, away from people’s judging stares “I need to get out of here” she whispered, tears forming in her eyes as she felt her breath catch in her throat. Wide-eyed, she turned around quickly, attempting to locate the nearest exit. “Why does this always happen?” she wondered as she began to run. Ignoring anyone making an attempt to talk to or follow her, she continued, asking herself why on earth she couldn’t just be normal. 
Reaching a glass door and pushing it open carelessly; she ran through the room and collapsed onto the floor, finally allowing her tears to fall against her mask. The thing that had once given her the height of confidence now hindered her, taunting her with its perfection and comparing its glory to her inadequacy. Knowing the more she fought against her tears, the shallower and more panicked her breathing would become, Olivia lets go. Brick by brick, her walls shattered and from behind them rushed a forceful current. To her, it felt as if she was drowning in her own salty tears. 
Lifeless, she stopped using the walls as her support for they too began to shake and tremble with the weight of her upset. Slipping down into the abyss, she took a deep breath and shut her eyes, finally blocking out the rest of the world.

~My LifeOnline