Music and Fangirling

ED SHEERAN IS A LITERAL GOD. Okay, glad we cleared that up. But seriously, his music is an actual blessing to the ears.

Not only is there his entire (not so new) album, but all his music is amazing??? I mean, I’m one of those people who know every lyric to every one of his songs, and when his last album was released, I’d memorised it all in around two days. I was so dedicated to it that I got up at 5am the day it was released so that I could hear it all before I went to school. Yes, I’m a fangirl, what’s new?

Who else do I extensively fan girl over? 5SOS. They revealed earlier this year that ALBUM THREE IS BEING RECORDED. (Edit: It’s already recorded lol) They also hinted that the album would, in fact, be released THIS YEAR! And hopefully, with this new album, there will be a UK tour and I can finally see them!
Next up, dodie! Though it’s not officially been announced m, we all know that EP number 2 is being released soon! Plus I’m convinced that all of my favourites of her original songs will be on there, including 6/10!

Onto TakeThat, when I previously wrote a music and fangirling post, I was crazy excited to be going to see them in concert at the Manchester Arena. It would of been my third TakeThat concert, however, with the Manchester Terror Attack taking place a couple days before the concert, it was rightfully cancelled. I did, however, go and see Take That in cinema, as I couldn’t go to the postponed version of the Manchester Concert as I had two exams the next day, one at 9am, and knew that I wouldn’t get home until 5am.
In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a huge music fan girl lol. I’m looking for some new music, so comment your favourite song(s) down below so I can check them out! Thank you!
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Pizza appreciation day should be a thing. 
Wait, never mind, world pizza day exists and that’s practically the same thing. I’ll take any excuse I can to eat a pizza, not that I need one.

Haha, I’m such a Relatable Blogger™, but seriously, my pizza addiction is way way way too extreme. Literally the thought of pizza whilst writing this post had me craving it so bad I’ve gone out and brought four frozen pizzas. Four. What am I to do with four pizzas?

Pizza is honestly the best food. I get it, some people hate it. A secret fact about me is that I used to utterly despise pizza. Yes, I, the addicted pizza lover, used to hate pizza! Now however, pizza has a pizza my heart (pahaah I hate myself)

Talking of hating pizza, I don’t. Okay, that wasn’t what I was trying to say. What I meant to write was I actually dislike thick based pizzas and only eat thin based ones. I don’t know why, but thick pizzas taste to me like bread and I really dislike bread.

Well, this post is quote something. It’s literally just me mindlessly rambling about pizza( ah well, pizza appreciation am I right?). 
Also, I’ve never said (written) pizza this many times before. (It’s still not enough) (pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza) (That’s a little better) (hahah I’m really not funny)

On one final note, pizza rules my friends. I thank you, and good night.
(Can you tell I was sleep deprived when I wrote this?)
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100 Amazing Songs

Here we go, a list of 100 amazing songs I completely recommend you listen to! I may or may not also know every lyric to every song on here…whoops? Oh well, I’m going to get straight into it so here we go:
(Also, comment below your favourite songs/artists so I can have a listen to them!!) 

1. “Sick Of Losing Soulmates” ~ dodie

2. “Eraser” ~ Ed Sheeran

3. “Disconnected” ~ 5SOS

4. “When” ~ dodie

5. “Friends” ~ Ed Sheeran

6. “Good Girls” ~ 5SOS

7. “A Non Love Song” ~ dodie

8. “Drunk” ~ Ed Sheeran

9. “Safety Pin” ~ 5SOS

10. “6/10” ~ dodie

11. “A Team” ~ Ed Sheeran

12. “San Francisco” ~ 5SOS

13. “Absolutely Smitten” ~ dodie

14. “New Man” ~ Ed Sheeran

15. “Don’t Stop” ~ 5SOS

16. “You” ~ dodie

17. “I See Fire” ~ Ed Sheeran

18. “Long Way Home” ~ 5SOS

19. “Would You Be So Kind” ~ dodie

20. “Photograph” ~ Ed Sheeran 

21. “Life Lesson” ~ dodie

22. “English Love Affair” ~ 5SOS

23. “Bloodstream” ~ Ed Sheeran

24. “Intertwined” ~ dodie

25. “Heartbreak Girl” ~ 5SOS

26. “Galway Girl” ~ Ed Sheeran

27. “My Face” ~ dodie

28. “End Up Here” ~ 5SOS

29. “What Do I Know” ~ Ed Sheeran

30. “Tourist” ~ Jon Cozart

31. “Voodoo Doll” ~ 5SOS

32. “Hearts Don’t Break Around Here” ~ Ed Sheeran

33. “Dream” ~ Tessa Violet

34. “Don’t Stop” ~ 5SOS

35. “Nancy Mulligan” ~ Ed Sheeran

36. “You Belong With Me” ~ Taylor Swift

37. “Safety Pin” ~ 5SOS

38. “Nothing Without You” ~ Emma Blackery 

39. “22” ~ Taylor Swift

40. “Waste The Night” ~ 5SOS

41. “How Would You Feel” ~ Ed Sheeran

42. “We Are Never Getting Back Together” ~ Taylor Swift

43. “She’s Kinda Hot” ~ 5SOS

44. “Blank Space” ~ Taylor Swift

45. “Outer Space” ~ 5SOS

46. “I Knew You Were Trouble” ~ Taylor Swift

47. “Castaway” ~ 5SOS

48. “Style” ~ Taylor Swift

49. “Broken Home” ~ 5SOS

50. “Out Of The Woods” ~ Taylor Swift

51. “The Girl Who Cried Wolf” ~ 5SOS

52. “Everything Has Changed” ~ Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran 

53. “Fly Away” ~ 5SOS

54. “Hands To Myself” ~ Selena Gomez

55. “Vapour” ~ 5SOS

56. “Kill ’em With Kindness” ~ Selena Gomez

57. “Invisible” ~ 5SOS

58. “Dive” ~ Ed Sheeran

59. “Airplanes” ~ 5SOS

60. “Happier” ~ Ed Sheeran

61. “Cool For The Summer” ~ Demi Lovato

62. “Sweater Weather (Cover)” ~ Alexi Blue

63. “A Love Song/ A Non Love Song” ~ Jon Cozart and Dodie Clark

64. “Lost Boy” ~ Ruth B

65. “City Of Stars (Cover)” ~ Jon Cozart and Dodie Clark

66. “Counting Stars” ~ One Republic 

67. “Castle On The Hill” ~ Ed Sheeran

68. “Say You Won’t Let Go” ~ James Arthur

69. “Shape Of You” ~ Ed Sheeran

70. “Heart Attack” ~ Demi Lovato

71. “Titanium (Cover)” ~ Boyce Avenue

72. “A Thousand Years” ~ Christina Perry

73. “Payphone (Cover)” ~ Boyce Avenue

74. “Let Her Go” ~ Passenger

75. “Exs And Ohs” ~ Elle King

76. “How Would You Feel” ~ Ed Sheeran

77. “Delilah” ~ Tom Jones

78. “I’m A Mess” ~ Ed Sheeran

79. “Gives You Hell” ~ All American Rejects

80. “Ms Invisible” ~ Olivia Solo

81. “Oh Cecilia” ~ The Vamps

82. “Save Myself” ~ Ed Sheeran

83. “Jealous” ~ Labyrinth

84. “See Through Me” ~ Keara Graves

85. “A Thousand Years” ~ Christina Perri

86. “Broken By You” ~ Share Harte feat. Keara Graves

87. “I Know What You Did Last Summer” ~ Shawn Mendez 

88. “Monsters” ~ Timeflies

89. “Call Me Maybe” ~ Carly Rae Jepsen

90. “No” ~ Meghan Trainor

91. “I Really Like You” ~ Carly Rae Jepsen

92. “Still Falling For You” ~ Ellie Goulding

93. “Rockabye” ~ Clean Bandit

94. “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” ~  Zayn feat. Taylor Swift

95. “Sucks To Be You” ~ Emma Blackery

96. “Panic Chord” ~ Gabrielle Aplin

97. “Pompeii” ~ Bastille

98. “Lego House” ~ Ed Sheeran

99. “Closer” ~ The Chainsmokers

100. “English Rose” ~ Ed Sheeran
In case you couldn’t tell, I really love dodie, Ed Sheeran, and 5SOS…and you know what? I didn’t even include all my favourite songs of theirs!
If you got this far, remember to comment your favourite songs/artists!!

[Also, I apologise if any song is repeated!] 

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I tried to write something

Whispers. Always around her, following constantly as if firmly attached by a string. Making her way to the top of the stairs, the whispers suddenly stopped as those standing below caught sight of her. Everyone was silent, watching and waiting, waiting and watching. Yet no one knew who she was. Hidden behind her mask, she could be anyone. A picture of elegance and grace, she swiftly made her way down the steps provoking a cloak of whispers to cling to her once more.

 “Who is that?” they muttered, watching with a hint of jealously as she slipped out of sight. Finally out of the crowds, she could relax. Knowing she was unable to remove her mask until midnight, she felt safe. She could finally enjoy herself without the usual feeling of constant anxiety crushing her. Contentment flowed through her veins, only pausing to remind her that, though no one would be able to recognise her, she wouldn’t know who she was dancing with. Shaking her head slightly, a small giggle left her lips. She was being silly; this was the whole point of a masquerade ball! It was finally time she let herself be free; gave herself some time to be happy in a world brimming with worry and panic.

Taking a deep breath, she stepped into the ballroom. The brilliant sight ahead met her eyes and a small gasp escaped her lips as she took one more step forward in an attempt to take it all in. Illuminating the entire grand hall, a stunning crystal chandelier hung artistically from the ceiling, creating an air of sophistication and splendour. To the left of the auditorium, an incredibly detailed ice sculpture sat, watching happily as those in its sight twirled and waltzed around in joy.

Peeling her eyes away from the ice, she  was suddenly aware of a large crowd, all with their eyes on her. “This was a bad idea” she cursed silently, wishing she could just disappear into the ground, away from people’s judging stares “I need to get out of here” she whispered, tears forming in her eyes as she felt her breath catch in her throat. Wide-eyed, she turned around quickly, attempting to locate the nearest exit. “Why does this always happen?” she wondered as she began to run. Ignoring anyone making an attempt to talk to or follow her, she continued, asking herself why on earth she couldn’t just be normal. 
Reaching a glass door and pushing it open carelessly; she ran through the room and collapsed onto the floor, finally allowing her tears to fall against her mask. The thing that had once given her the height of confidence now hindered her, taunting her with its perfection and comparing its glory to her inadequacy. Knowing the more she fought against her tears, the shallower and more panicked her breathing would become, Olivia lets go. Brick by brick, her walls shattered and from behind them rushed a forceful current. To her, it felt as if she was drowning in her own salty tears. 
Lifeless, she stopped using the walls as her support for they too began to shake and tremble with the weight of her upset. Slipping down into the abyss, she took a deep breath and shut her eyes, finally blocking out the rest of the world.

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