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You guys probably want an explanation as to why I’ve created a new blog, right? As you may have noticed, my content on here has been lacking. I post when I need to, not when I want to. I’ve also grown to dislike the name of my blog: personally, I felt it was too childish. Talking of childish, that’s also how I viewed my blog content.


Even so, my new blog is still me! The change between this content and that content isn’t drastic, so I’m sure you’ll love my new blog even more than you love this one! It would mean the world to me if you decided to go and follow my new blog!!

10 Things You NEED In Your Room

As an interior design lover who is currently in the process of completely revamping their room, I thought it would be the perfect time for me to share my top room decor items! Without further ado, here are my top 10:

  • Fairy Lights:

Fairy lights are definitely one of the main features of my room! I’ve actually had to cut down on them recently (three sets of fairy lights decorating one picture is WAY too excessive), so now the fairy lights look elegant, rather than tacky!

  • Pictures:

Another prominent feature in my room is photos! Framed photos of family, cute polaroids with friends, prints of my own photography: pictures are everywhere! In order to not have too many photos taking up all your space, I recommend an electronic photo frame such as this Aura Frame. These frames are perfect if you have little space to work with, as well as being an amazing feature in a room with lots of space!

  • A Music Player:

Yes, you can play music on your phone, but I love having some form of music player in my room! Whether it’s a wireless bluetooth speaker, a radio, or a record player: music players definitely add something to a previously bland room! Personally, I have a record player; the collection of vinyls looks gorgeous too!

  • Polaroids:

Though I briefly touched on polaroids earlier on in this post, I wanted to mention them again as I love them so much! My favourite way of displaying polaroids is definitely to have them strung along fairy lights! Alongside the actual polaroids, having a polaroid printer or camera displayed in your room always looks good! However, if you don’t have the space for polaroids, an Aura Frame looks amazing!

  • A Colour Scheme:

Though not an item in itself, having a colour scheme in your room makes everything look so much more neat and put together! I chose to base my room around the colours copper and white, though lately a lot of that white has been replaced with marble.

  • A Desk:

Now, though most rooms have a desk, it only adds something to the room if it’s neatly organised. Currently, my desk has a white and copper light box, a marble notebook, a copper plant, a marble pencil case and a copper candle, alongside my makeup!

  •  Storage

Speaking of makeup, I keep mine stored in a glass cosmetic organiser, with all the makeup with copper packaging in view at the top (to keep with my theme). I then store all of my copper makeup brushes in a white jar. In regards to other methods of storage, I strongly recommend DIYing: I took an old magazine rack and made it look brand new by painting a marble print onto it!

  •  A Bookshelf

As an avid reader, my book shelf used to be crammed full of books messily stuffed onto a cluttered shelf. Now, I make sure that none of my copper ornaments are placed in front of books  (these have their own place on the top two shelves), and my books are neatly arranged. Two shelves are ordered by colour (which I must say is extremely satisfying to look at), a third shelf is ordered by series (so that collections of books such as Harry Potter aren’t split up), and the final shelf is for larger books and in height order.

  •  Cushions:

Sure, cushions can get annoying at night when you want to sleep on your bed, but in the day time they look brilliant! Having a perfectly made bed, complete with cushions, always makes a room look tidier and more put together.

    •  A Mirror:

    Finally, the last thing on my list is a mirror! In small rooms, a mirror can be used to give the idea of more space, but in larger rooms it makes a perfect decoration!

      I hope this gave you some ideas and inspiration for your own room! Comment below what item or area of your room is your favourite, I’d love to know! Also, a big thanks to Aura Frames for being the inspiration behind this post!


        A Personal Story…

        “Your face” she thought, catching glance of her reflection “isn’t the right shape. Where are your cheekbones? Why is your chin not inline with your nose? You’re flawed”

        “Your skin”, she sighed, pausing before she applied her mask, “isn’t smooth. Look at those flaws; stare at them. They’re disgusting. You’re disgusting”

        “You”, she cried, turning away from the face that haunted her, “are ugly. Unlovable, disgusted, flawed.

        Turning away from her mirror, the girl places an ugly smile upon her too small lips. Others call her beautiful, but all she sees is her apparent flaws. She isn’t flawed, nobody is, but she’ll never realise this. Every time she sees her reflection she winces, faced with the reality of her. 

        Time goes on, and her care about her looks slowly fades. She’s still insecure, extremely so, but she know that there are so many things that are so much more important. 

        “You look good today,” she smiles to her reflection, “you’ve come a long way.”

        She still has many off days, after all, nobody is completely secure in their skin.

        “Your friends are so much prettier than you,” she tuts with a sad smile, “why do they even spend time with you?”

        Her friends love her, she just doesn’t realise. They can’t understand how someone can be so nice to everyone, and how someone can never have an argument with anyone. 

        She sets herself many internal rules in order to stay nice: If someone can’t change something about their appearance in 5 minutes, don’t comment on it; Compliment someone every day; Don’t say anything to anyone else that would be upsetting if said to her.
        Still, sometimes she worries her personality is annoying. She often stays quiet whilst her friends chat at lunch. Other days, she’s full of life and as loud as them. It depends how she’s feeling.
        When she’s alone, she’ll sing her heart out. Others say her voice is beautiful. They stop to stare when she begins to sing. They stop in awe, but she sees them as stopping in annoyance. 
        She’s jealous of everyone else. Her friends are so talented: dancers, singers, artists, actors. What’s she to compare to them? Others are jealous of her. They want her voice, her ability to make anything into a beautiful photograph, her way of being nice to everyone. 
        She’s working on it. Though she still truly believes that her insecure thoughts are the truth, she’s learnt to accept both sides of the story. She listens to what her friends say; she records it in her mind as a source of happiness. She writes it all down here, in a third person diary.

        Name Reveal!

        Hey, guess what? I’m alive!

        Woah, okay, I feel like some original content is long overdue! Since the relaunch of my blog in April (oh, btw, I relaunched my blog in April I just forgot to tell you all), many of you know I posted new content every day that month. Then, as some of you know, I started taking old posts, rewriting them, and then reposting them.

        To many of you these posts were brand new, after all, I’ve over quadrupled my following since earlier this year. Actually, many of the rewritten posts were practically unrecognisable when compared to the original. However, I have finally rewritten and reuploaded as many of the pre-april posts as I feel necessary, and as Summer is fast approaching, it’s time for me to focus on my blog.

        I’m thinking it’s about time for a new name.  Sure, ‘MyLifeOnline’ is cute and all, but I almost feel like that looks too childish when compared to other bloggers. Maybe that’s just me, but I’ve spent so much time on Twitter and WordPress surrounded by sophisticated bloggers that I feel as if I need to up my game. The only issue with this is what exactly the new blog name should be?

        That’s where you guys come in. I need as many of you as possible to comment ideas for new domain names below. The only catch? This domain name (preferably) needs to use my real name.

        Oops, I almost forgot, you guys don’t actually know my name yet. Though I will be staying pretty anonymous (for now), I feel like a name isn’t too big a deal. So hi, I’m becca (lowercase ‘b’ and two ‘c’s)

        Well, time for you guys to get thinking and commenting!

        ~ becca ~

        Bloggers Blog Awards

        It would mean the world to me if you decided to nominate this blog for the awards, but this post is simply spreading awareness of them!

        You can place your votes by clicking HERE! Just in case the hyperlink doesn’t work for you, I’ll place a link here:

        As, of course, I’m a relatively new blogger (with a blog not even a year old), I hadn’t actually heard of these awards until I saw them on my twitter feed! It’s a brilliant way of bringing recognition to small to medium bloggers, and there are a huge variety of categories!

        If you want, you can totally vote for me in these categories! (You don’t have to of corse, but it would mean the world!):

        ~Best Lifestyle Blog

        ~Best New Blogger On The Block

        ~Best Use Of Photography 

        ~The BBA Blogger Of The Year

        I am eternally grateful to you all, and I’m currently nominating some of my favourite blogs too!

        Have you placed your votes? It’s super easy to do, it literally took me two minutes to complete on my phone! Let me know in the comments! I’m going to shoutout every blogger who nominated me as a way of giving back ❤

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        A Not-So-Serious Story

        Waking through a park,  a girl stopped dead and yelled ‘don’t leaf me!’ before throwing somebleaves up into the air next to her dog. Then as her dog sat there, surrounded by leaves and completely confused, her owner proceeded to laugh and ask her friend, who had now walked over, why she “looked so stumped

        But no, she didn’t end there – she then continued, telling her friend that “just tree puns are never enough” and asking said friend if she was “barking mad”. As she responded with the whole “that joke was so bad it killed me” thing that is often used in the face of a pun, the girl kept going and told her “acorny joke never hurt anyone”. 
        “Do you beleaf these puns are just me pineing for attention?” she asked, watching her friend who was now doubled over in laughter “I maple more out if they make you sappy?”

        That girl is a literal interpretation of something I would most definitely do. Though I did just make part of this post up on the spot, I have probably definitely said all of these puns at some point in my life.

        What’s your opinion on puns? And I mean overall opinion because, as a pun lover myself, even I groan at some of the awful, awful ones people (including me) come up with.


        Feel free to comment random puns in the comments lol, I’m almost 100% sure they’ll make me laugh

        ~My LifeOnline