Wooooo, yay for shopping! Because I’m ‘such a pro-blogger‘, I wrote down some thoughts from while I was shopping and thought I’d share them!

[Just a lil note, I’m only going shopping because I have a load of vouchers to spend and I’ve been saving them for today lol – look out for a haul soon!]

Why is it whenever I find something nice it’s never in my size?

Either that or it’s a ridiculous price…

Do you guys like shopping? Let me know in the comments!

These band tee-shirts are really nice but I don’t listen to the band so I can’t really buy them

Walk away from the homeware…walk away.

I came shopping for clothes and makeup, I can’t let myself spend all my money on homeware!

I love these sunglasses but can I justify buying them when I have another pair that are exactly the same, just with gold frames rather than copper?

I’m right, I can’t justify it…bye sunglasses

Does that mean I’m overcoming my copper addiction?

Who am I kidding, of course it doesn’t!

Why. So. Many. People. In. The. Way.

I feel like I’ve forgotten something?

Where the hell is my handbag!?

Never mind, it was in one of my many shopping bags lol

Are you guys looking forward to the haul which I don’t doubt is coming up soon?

Me: Ooh, I really like this top!

*Looks at pricetag*

Me: Haha, joking, look how disgusting it is, I totally do not want it bye

Guess whose in the same shop for the second time because they found another voucher for the shop in their bag and want to go back and buy the stuff they were going to earlier? That was oddly specific so uh, me, of course

I’m loving this 3 for 2 offer going on right now, it’s an excuse to buy more things!

You guys need to be proud of me, I didn’t let myself get any homeware!
I also managed to get everything on my list except for sunglasses (but that’s only because I’m looking for basically the exact pair I just had ((which broke)) and I loved them so much I won’t settle for anything not almost identical)

Why is my bag so heavy?

Oh right, lots of stuff has been brought.

That said, I only spent vouchers and parted with no cash at all!

Remember to comment below if you like shopping lol

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*Mind Blown*

I thought coincidences were just a thing that everyone was just cool with until one of my friends blew my mind the other day and said she didn’t believe in them. She then explained that she believes everything happens for a reason and so what I know as coincidences aren’t coincidental at all. Confused? Me too. Her explanation was a lot better than mine though.

Dogs, stars and puns are three of my favourite things. Random, I know, but also a really strange coincidence. How so? Well, Sirius the Dog Star can be a pun (Siriusly, it can), it’s the star dedicated to dogs (actually the dog days I think but that’s irrelevant) and, of course, it’s a star. It’s also Harry Potter related so that makes it even better!
 I could totally get behind the ‘everything happens for a reason’ theory if it wasn’t for the fact that sometimes I would much rather ignore something than dwell on the reason it happened. I also believe that, though many things do happen for a reason, coincidences are still a thing as sometimes something will happen and have no ulterior reason or motive. 

An example of this is what I was talking about at the start of the post. So three of my favourite things are all linked? Is there really a big reason behind that or is it merely a coincidence? In all honestly, I believe it’s the latter.

What’s your view on coincidences? Do you support the ‘everything happens for a reason’ theory or that it’s all coincidences? Maybe you’re like me and you think it’s a bit of both? Whatever your opinion, comment below!

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The Future (RANT)

What is it with people who are ‘higher up’ than you always asking what you want to do with your life? Seriously, it’s constant! Like, why do you need to keep asking me what job I want, what university I’m going to (side note: who says I’m even going to university? I get it, I get good grades but don’t just assume I’m going to uni!), what options or courses I want to take in any form of compulsory higher education, just anything that comes from the contant queries!

Please tell me I’m not the only one always being asked what they want to do with their life? Comment below!

I’m not gonna lie, in my mind I used to pretty much have it all sorted out and planned. When I was younger, I wanted to become a vet or a chef. However, as I got older I’ve grown a hatred for science exams and lost the talent I had for cooking. Let’s be real, it’s safe to say that those two careers are most definitely not for me anymore.

Now, I’m less certain what I want to do with my life. I love travelling and desperately want a job that involves it, however, the idea of doing any job freelance scares me as you don’t know whether you’re even going to get any money that month. I’d rather work for a company in order to have a set wage and be able to securely save and budget. That unfortunately limits the amount of travel jobs I can get as most are freelance or similar. I could be an air hostess but my family are strongly against it. Still, I spend a lot of time looking into it and honestly just need an honest opinion on the job from someone working in the field.

I also love photography, video editing, web design and interior design. For the past few years I’ve wanted to be a photographer but only recently have I come to the conclusion I’d rather keep it as a hobby as once again, most travelling photographers are freelance. I’d happily become a cinematographer or video editor but it’s not a pathway I’m working towards right now. Id love to be an interior designer as I spend a lot of time designing rooms and often have friends get me to design there’s but I don’t know how possible it would be for me to get the job.

I’d love to have a location independent job where I’d be employed by a company but the location wouldn’t matter so I could travel whilst working. In this sense, I’d love to be a web designer and I have a good knowledge of things like photoshop or WordPress and I can write code (perks of loving photography and blogging and taking computing), and as long as you have your laptop you can do this anywhere. Actually, working for WordPress would be a dream job too so if anyone wants to let me know of the sort of jobs WordPress offer, hit me up lol

So, though I’m not as certain as to where my life is going as I was when I was younger, I have a vague idea of the direction I want to travel in [EDIT: that pun was probably intended]. In fact, I could probably choose courses for further compulsory education if only I had the right resources (which I don’t at this present time because I don’t have to start to choose these options for a little while). I already know half the options I’d take if I chose one pathway and have a vague idea of some courses I could go for with the other pathway so with time I can probably work the rest out!

If you’re already settled into your career, were you like this when you were younger? And if you’re in my situation at this current time, comment below so we can support each other!

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Promote Your Blog Here!

In honour of us reaching 1,000+ followers on this blog, I thought I’d help you guys through this post! Read below for what you need to do – happy gaining!!

To those of you who know how this works: go right ahead, comment and reblog as usual!

To those of you know don’t know, or need reminding, here’s what you need to do:

First, simply leave a small comment telling people about your blog, accompanied with your URL. Then look through the comments of this post and when you see someone you like the look of, check out their blog and give them a follow, etc! If someone follows you, likes a post, leaves a comment, return it, it’s simple!

To gain even more, reblog this post! Also remember, the more blogs you check out, the more will see you!
[I’ve also made it my aim to leave you guys as many comments on your blogs as I can, just spam me with likes to be noticed!]
Have fun!

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How To Be Tumblr

A lot of you guys really loved my post ‘How To Be Basic’ (you can find that here) so I thought I’d do another!

[Disclaimer: I apologise about the amount of links to my other posts lol – *shameless self promo*]

Okay, here it is, ‘how to be Tumblr’:

1.Develop your own style: Creating your own style, catchphrases and personality, etc  [EDIT: Tehe look at me and my ‘be yourself’ positivity] Also creating your own jokes, etc: Personally, I like making puns (as you can probably tell if you readalltheseposts.)


2.  Go to a concert, festival or some sort of music show: Well, I guess that one speaks for  itself ~ Festivals like coachella are extremely Tumblr, not that I’ve ever been to it…. [EDIT – Yes I’m bitter, and I have a whole post about it, you can check out here]


3. Take lots of cute pictures or model for photos


4. Edit these photos in lots of different fancy ways. [EDIT: I love editing my portrait photos into a galaxy style so you know, anything is possible]


5. Highlighter. No, I’m not talking about the brightly coloured pens (though using them in notepads is pretty Tumblr), instead I’m talking about the glowy makeup product – I actually have a post all about highlighter here! Teheh, look at me channelling my inner mermaid.


6.Be relatable: Well, that’s not exactly hard as everything you think or do, you relate to meaning many more likely do as well (Oops, another relevant post right here)

7. Eat pizza: Actually, this one probably isn’t even that Tumblr I just really like pizza. It’s an addiction but who cares, there are worse things! (I also have a post about pizza lol, you can find it here)

8. Start a blog: I’m assuming that many of you who are reading this post likely already have one [EDIT: Comment below if you do because I want to find some more blogs to read!] but blogs are cute and I love them…obviously.

9. Write lists, why not? If you want to be more Tumblr you can always be like me and write your list whilst sat on a window seat surrounded by fairy lights and with a view of the sun set or the sea *cough* extra *cough*

10. Have a Tumblr account. Woah, way to point out the obvious! Actually, I have a confession – though I have a Tumblr account I don’t even have the app on my phone and I’m not logged into it at all. That said, it’s still active as all my blog posts get shared on it but that’s about it, oops?

As I said earlier, comment below your blog names or URL’s so I can check them out! Thanks for reading!

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Coachella (RANT)

This year I finally did it, I went to Coachella!….in my dreams.

Ugh, as I write this we’re in the middle of a Coachella related social media frenzy and I’m jealous beyond belief.
 If I see one more #Coachella photo on my Instagram I could scream

Have you guys ever been to Coachella? Or even America? Let me know in the comments!

That said, every single photo on my Instagram feed is of Coachella and I still ‘like’ them so I guess I’m not as bitter as I seem?

Why can’t I just finally embrace the mermaid I truly am? Let me live as the most Tumblr being possible, just for a weekend?

Oh wait, but I’m like, umm, a lot of miles away. I’ve no idea how many actually, let me just google it.

5,000+ miles. Wow.

Ughhh, why so far omg let me go to Coachella please please please thank you please

You know what, who needs Coachella anyway? 

Pffft, I’m much happier right here than I would be at Coachella

I mean, the crowds there are huge and who can deal with that?

Plus I doubt half the people can even see the stage when they’re watching a show.

Right, before I get into a huge ramble about why I’m better here than at Coachella, I’m going to go hahah. Comment below if you’ve ever been, or know someone whose been, to Coachella!

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Thoughts Baking

I feel like baking today so you know what? I’m going to spend an entire day baking! 

Hopefully today’s one of those days where I’m actually successful – I have days where everything I make goes perfectly and days where I burn waffles in a toaster (true story, unfortunately).

Hmm, what first? I’ve gone through two of my recipe books and bookmarked about seven things but I doubt I’ll be able to make them all

Saying that, I originally had around twenty things but I managed to narrow those down

I think I’m going to make honey comb first so I can leave it to cool when I start the next thing?

Ooh, I’ll make all the things that need to go in the fridge or freezer first so that they can cool all day

Honey comb is done and it was actually pretty successful!

I should probably pack up and wash everything I just used before I start the next thing

The next recipe is for raspberry mouse but I used to make this so much I’m not even going to bother with the recipe 

Fun fact: I made this in a food tech assessment (last year when I still took food tech as a subject) and got the highest marks in my class; I just remember my teacher being shocked at how quickly I made them and how I didn’t use a recipe. Actually, I think I got bonus marks for presentation, speed and accuracy (maybe even points for not using the recipe)

Slight issue, I don’t actually have half the ingredients, including raspberries

Oh well, I’ll improvise

I tend to only use recipes for the measurements and I never follow the method, sometimes I go so far as to not even read the method and just make it up! It’s probably the reason why some things I bake are amazing and others have to be binned

This wasn’t planned but I just made a nacho sauce so that I can have nachos for lunch

Back to baking: I’m currently looking for a fruit to replace the raspberries 

Actually, I’m going to temporarily pause the mouse because I can go and buy raspberries later

Hmm, choc-chip cookies, carrot muffins, fudge, cheese biscuits or chocolate truffles?

I think cheese biscuits because they’re yet another thing I can make without any recipe at all

Actually, I’ll do both the fudge and the biscuits at the same time because productivity 

My mum made brownies this morning too so by the end of the day we’re going to have an entire table covered with freshly baked food

Why is icing sugar so messy 

I need 450g of icing sugar but I only have 150g so ummm, I’m gonna have to find a way around this 


I’m going to divide everything in the recipe by three (yay for maths)

I think that’s worked, I mean, it looks how it should and the mixture tastes good

Yep, they’re good, my family taste tested the mixture – to the fridge it is!!

Onto the cheese biscuits!

Recipe: This makes 15 biscuits

Me: *Makes 50 biscuits*

No idea how I managed to make 50 but I mean, the more the merrier!

It. All. Tastes. So. Good.

Whooo, I was actually successful with all my baking for once!

Can you guys bake or cook? Which do you prefer? Tell me your stories in the comments!!

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